Solfuzion | Meditation Chairs Made in Canada

 Meditation Chairs of the Finest Handmade Quality - Made in Canada by Solfuzion

Meditation Chairs of the Finest Handmade Quality - Made in Canada by Solfuzion

Welcome to Solfuzion in Calgary, Alberta! 

From our origin in 2009, Solfuzion has been committed to the creation of elegant meditation chairs and furniture to ensure exceptional comfort providing for a longer, and more harmonious meditation experience.  Each design is uniquely ergonomically designed to provide lumbar and sacral support.

All Solfuzion meditation furniture is hand-crafted by skilled artisans in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  They are individually built with the finest eco-friendly materials available, and are designed to maximize your comfort and peace during your meditation/comtemplation/prayer practice.

We are so honored to introduce you to our meditation furniture offerings, and we do hope to have the opportunity to please you and exceed your expectations.

The Rama Chair - made from solid fine Maple frame. Dimensions: W-31", D-22", H-21" to 24"

The exquisite Rama Chair is the ultimate meditation chair, ergonomically designed with comfort and performance in mind. The Rama Chair combines a gentle sacral tilting feature and an adjustable lumbar support to harmoniously create an amazing sensation of comfort, balance and support.   The larger seat cushion footprint and enhanced back support allow for long extended sessions of comfortable meditation, contemplation, or prayer.


The TranquiliTy Meditation Chair - made from solid fine Maple frame. Dimensions: W-22", H-20", D-15"

The unique TranquiliTy Meditation Chair is a wonderful sleek and elegant midsize meditation chair, meticulously handcrafted to provide a comfortable spinal support system and mild sacral tilt.  This timeless creation is a clean, simple aesthetic design that will enhance and fit well in any decor.


The Wandering Peace Zafu - made with a solid Baltic Birch frame.  Dimensions: W 19", D 14.5", H 5"

The Wandering Peace Meditation Chair sets a new zafu  standard for comfort, design, durability and mobility.   With an integrated handle carved right into the wood, the Wandering Peace Zafu is perfect for on the go meditation.  Like all Solfuzion Meditation Chairs, The Wandering Peace Zafu also incorporates a gentle sacral tilt for base spinal alignment.   This little chair is quite simply remarkably comfortable.  When looking for a Meditation Chair that excels in terms of Aesthetics, Durability, Support, Portability, Function and Value...the Wandering Peace Zafu is it.
Solid Fine Baltic Birch Frame.  Dimensions: W 19", D 14.5", H 5".


The Serenity Meditation Table - made from solid fine Maple. Dimensions: L-13", W-8", H-6"

The intricate, clean lines and yet simple Serenity Meditation Table is the perfect addition to your sacred space.  This finely hand-crafted small table provides a great spot to place your favorite candle, statue, gong, plant or incense.